LuxRender • Project reboot - LuxCoreRender is now available


After 8 alpha releases and 1 beta during the (not so close) "family & friend" test phase, LuxRender team is proud to present the first public release of LuxRender
re-birth project.

A new web site, wiki and forums

The new release includes a totally new web site, wiki and forums:

A new rendering core

Lux(Core)Render v2.0 includes only LuxCore code and drops all other code (aka classic LuxRender). The new code includes many new features compared to the last officiale LuxCore release included in LuxRender v1.6: ... Notes_v2.0

A new blender plugin

BlendLuxCore is the new plugin for Blender written totally from scratch and only to work with LuxCore. Just check how fast it is ;)

A new source repository

All the sources of the v2.0 are now hosted at:

Why Lux(Core)Render v2.0 ?

Because LuxRender project was dying under the weight of a lot of old abandoned code. All active developers had the strong feeling a fresh start was required. The "Core" between "Lux" and "Render" is there to highlight the new project focus. However the "v2.0" is there to re-mark the continuity with 10 years of development and experience.

Enjoy !

It was a lot work, enjoy

P.S. We are moving to the new forums now on, posts on the old forums may go unread for a long time and/or not receive an answer at all.